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Hints and Tips for your PC


Here is a list of hints and tips for getting the best out of your computer and IT activities.

Windows Moving windows Do you have trouble getting a window back where the window control buttons have moved of the screen and you canít see the title bar to move it back? Right click the taskbar item and select the desired function, or move if you want to move it back.
Internet, web browsing Website shortcuts

Do you have a really favourite web page, such as bank account or webmail site? Then put an icon on your desktop. When you have accessed the site in your browser, restore your browser to a window (so you can see the desktop alongside), then click on the icon on the left of the address bar and drag it onto your desktop. When you double click on the shortcut, it will open up your browser, start the dial up, and open with your favourite page. 

Email Stationary

To include an HTML file with backgrounds images etc, create page in HTML editor, save on your hard drive, then: Outlook Express/ Tools/ Options/ Compose/ Stationery/ Mail/ Select/ Browse etc.

Web based email If you are away from your PC, you can still access your emails via your ISP's portal, using webmail. Before you do this you will need your ISP webmail address, your ISP username and password to access your 'My Account' area. The ISP website will usually provide easy browsing access to their ISP webmail area.
Does your email hang? Is a file that's too big clogging up the works?

If you are downloading emails in Outlook Express and the process seems to hang indefinitely, itís likely that you have a very large attachment with one of your emails, which will take a long time to download, or an incoming email with an error. Either way this email will block the remainder of your emails from being downloaded.

You need to visit your ISPís webmail service, which most ISPs offer. This operates in exactly the same way as Hotmail, Yahoo mail and many others. You can access your mail through your web browser by visiting the site (eg and log in using your account details (See webmail above). The difference doing it with your own ISP is that you can access your mailbox in the same way without downloading the contents. The ISP webmail site will list your incoming emails and attachments in exactly the same way as with Outlook Express, but without the download, wonít hang things up. You can decide this point what to do:

  • Delete the offending email, or read the contents online but donít download the attachment.
  • Send a new email to the sender requesting him/her to resend without the attachment, or to reduce the size of the attachment to a reasonable size, say less than 1MByte, which takes about 15 mins.

At this point you can either:

  • Read the rest of your mail and reply as necessary Ė this will mean the your mail wonít be downloaded into Outlook Express, and may mean remaining online for the duration, or
  • Logout of your ISPwebmail area and close down your browser, open Outlook Express, and press Send and Receive to download the remaining email to your local inbox.

Then close the session.

Security Test your PC Visit to run Shields Up and Probe my Ports, to test your firewall software
Virus or Worm?

A virus is spread by some action on the part of the recipient, by inadvertently activating a program such as an email attachment.

A worm spreads through its own programming, scanning the internet fro a suitable host replicating itself, and then looking for new hosts.

MS Excel Problems copying formulae Ever had difficulties with copying a formula where one cell is variable and the other needs to be static but you don't know how to make it so? It's called absolute addressing. A cell C5 won't change if you make it $C$5. Columns and rows work the same way, but with only one $.
MS Word Wrong case

Do you start typing away only to find that your CAPS LOCK is on? Select your capitalised text, then press the <control>+F3 keys. Or click menu | format | change case and select the function you want.

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