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Internet Services

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Prior to the bursting of the .com bubble, expansive claims were often made about the unlimited business potential on the Internet or World Wide Web. In reality, the Web provides an effective means of promoting or expanding business, selling products, and of improving links with customers. Alongside other marketing activities, it can extend business presence to a widening audience, provide a channel for online product sales, and enable business to respond more rapidly.

Why have a web site

Specific advantages of the Internet are:

  • developing your market nationally and globally
  • promoting and selling your products directly
  • improving your cash flow with quicker online merchant account payments
  • improving communications with your customers
  • streamlining relationships with your suppliers
  • speeding up communications and document transfer via email
  • helping your company to work together

Our internet services

We can:

  • advise on the likely effectiveness of Internet services for your business
  • provide you with browsing and e-mail services
  • design and implement your E-commerce or web site
  • host your website and email services, and
  • provide the training you need to support your Internet activities

To assess and meet your business needs, we provide the following services:

  • assessing the impact of a Web site on your business processes, and defining the initial website requirements
  • determining which style and type of Web presence is suited to promoting your business, products and services
  • ensuring your computing environment will support your Internet needs
  • implementing the house style for your Web pages, text production for company descriptions, designs for your logo, appropriate images, etc.
  • providing hosting services or helping with the choice of an appropriate ISP
  • domain name registration
  • selecting the most effective techniques for promoting the site on the Internet via the Internet search engines and other links
  • managing the site after it has gone on-line, and/or providing training for Web site tools to enable you or your staff to manage your own site or specific pages where required
  • providing website usage statistics

Some of our web sites

The official, definitive Town Council sponsored site for a popular South Shropshire tourist centre, specified & managed by Computassist, designed by a team of 4 local suppliers
(large tourist area portal and information site)

Church Stretton

The Jensen FF - specialised luxury car site for connoisseurs Jensen FF
Advertising and online mail order book sales worldwide Ulric Publishing
Microbiology testing laboratories Sci-Tech Laboratories
An online sales site for a product for young babies and parent offering a good night's sleep White Noise Machine
South Shropshire building consultancy
(animated site navigation)
Fox Associates 
Shropshire hang gliding and paragliding club
(Flash, rotating images, secure area)

Longmynd soaring club

UK based company specialising in pipework products Jacob UK

Skill Base

Our design skills include:

  • ASP
  • PHP and SQL
  • Macromedia Flash
  • E-Commerce
  • E-shopping

Should you be interested in discussing your Internet requirements, viewing our portfolio of Web sites, or pricing, please click here to complete the enquiry form or contact us by phone, fax or email.